Strip Outs & Environmental Cleans

Site Clearances from Mid Essex Group

Mid Essex Group has assisted in clearing numerous dwellings for various clients across London and the southeast of England. We have collaborated with local authorities to conduct initial clearances of diverse property types, ranging from 1-bedroom flats to large commercial units. Our most frequent task involves voiding dwellings where furniture and possessions have been left. This often includes the thorough cleaning of medical and human waste, as well as white goods and electronic devices. All waste is disposed of at licensed sites, and waste consignment notes are provided.

Who Do We Work With?

  • Commercial property landlords
  • Landowners
  • Homeowners
  • Local Authorities (Void dwellings)
  • Domestic Clients
  • Primary Contractors
  • National Heritage sites

Mid Essex’s Accredited Expertise

Mid Essex Group unique selling point is that we undertake tasks that other companies may be hesitant to take on. We conduct full Risk Assessments before tackling any contaminated zone and ALWAYS provide the required waste removal and disposal documentation to the client. This ensures that clients can always rest assured that any tasks we undertake are delivered in the most efficient and safe manner.

As a business, we offer a comprehensive environmental cleaning solution that allows your organisation to demonstrate compliance with key legislation while adopting an environmentally friendly approach.

Environmental Cleans by Mid Essex Group

Whether you have an inhabited home or a void property, or a contaminated communal open space, Mid Essex Group can provide remediation and restore it to an inhabitable space using environmentally friendly cleaning processes and techniques.

Take a Collaborative Approach

At Mid Essex Group , we have built strong working relationships with many of our client base. Key to this success has been our commitment to partnership working from the outset of each project. We have a proactive and flexible approach that helps our clients to cost-effectively deliver the highest quality building refurbishment.

Demonstrate up-to-date construction knowledge
The growing need for low carbon retrofitting is just one of the drivers which is shaping the refurbishment market. Building refurbishment contractors must continuously improve their knowledge and skills to keep up with the pace of change and provide the best possible advice and service to their clients.

At Mid Essex Group , we are committed to high level training and development to make sure we meet this industry requirement . We ensure our people keep up to date with the latest trends and legislation, sending them on various courses.

Lead Paint Sampling and Removal

Lead paint products have been banned for use in UK since 1992, This is due to the lead within the paint, when disturbed or cracked could create particles in the air that could be inhaled or digested. Prolonged exposure could lead to particles creating health problems, effecting the brain, liver, and nervous system.

If you suspect or are not sure that lead paint is within the product, a survey will need to be carried out to identify if lead is in fact present, identify what percentage and deterioration of the product. The survey will identify the course of action, whether the product can be managed or removed.

We provide the following expertise using recognised techniques in removing Lead paint, and control measures put in to place for different types of projects. Large and ongoing projects are accompanied by air testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of the control measures implemented. Medicals are also carried out prior and on completion of large projects, to test blood levels for lead.

All our staff are trained in removing lead paint, and have the correct RPE and PPE for the works in enclosed and contaminated areas, either within a respirator zone or enclosure depending on the required works to be carried out.

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Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, ensuring that your projects are handled with the utmost care and compliance. With a team of experienced professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a proven track record, we guarantee the safe and efficient management of asbestos-related tasks.

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