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Building refurbishment can incorporate a wide variety of construction work ranging from small-scale upgrades such as painting and decorating through to remodelling, extensions and retrofitting.

Refurbishment vs Renovation

Refurbishment is sometimes referred to as renovation but there are differences between the two, which can affect the choice of building contractor. Strictly speaking, a renovation would involve a damaged or older building and would see it brought back into use, modernised or improved.

Often, renovations require a specialist knowledge of historic buildings and heritage assets, ensuring listed buildings are sensitively restored. A contractor must also have experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders such as Historic England, the local conservation officer and local planning authority.

The Importance of Building Refurbishment

As the demand for high quality space and energy efficiency increases, building refurbishment is more important than ever before.

Regardless of the type of building, providing an attractive environment is essential. In the wake of the pandemic, owners and managers of office space must ensure the accommodation meets the changing needs of the workforce.

For the operators of public buildings, encouraging visitors to stay and return remains a priority, and for many social housing providers, there is a continuous drive to raise the standard of their existing homes.

At the same time, net zero targets combined with an increasing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors means there is an urgent need for energy efficiency improvements across all types of building, including homes.

Meeting Your Needs

Meeting your needs
As an established primary contractor with a long history of project management , our team comprises various experienced construction professionals with the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver building refurbishments to the highest industry standards.

Making the Right Choice

The key to a successful building refurbishment is a contractor with the right level of experience, knowledge and skills to meet the specific needs of the building owner as well as its occupiers.

So, when selecting a contractor, you should expect them to:

Have a Strong Track Record in Working in Live Sites

The ability to work safely and efficiently in a live, operational building is an essential skill for a adaptive refurbishment contractor. At Mid Essex Group, we minimise disruption by liaising closely with our clients from the project out set. We agree plans and work programmes that are effectively communicated to all relevant contractors. All our refurbishment work is meticulously planned and delivered. we ensuring we deliver high quality developments to the safest standards possible.

For social housing refurbishment, our approach minimises any disruption for residents, prioritises their health and safety, and ensures they are kept informed about the project’s progress and any questions are responded to. This is achieved through our resident liaison officers who are highly experienced and skilled in working on social housing refurbishment projects.

Take a Collaborative Approach

At Mid Essex Group , we have built strong working relationships with many of our client base. Key to this success has been our commitment to partnership working from the outset of each project. We have a proactive and flexible approach that helps our clients to cost-effectively deliver the highest quality building refurbishment.

Demonstrate up-to-date construction knowledge
The growing need for low carbon retrofitting is just one of the drivers which is shaping the refurbishment market. Building refurbishment contractors must continuously improve their knowledge and skills to keep up with the pace of change and provide the best possible advice and service to their clients.

At Mid Essex Group , we are committed to high level training and development to make sure we meet this industry requirement . We ensure our people keep up to date with the latest trends and legislation, sending them on various courses.

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